Henderson impressive at Christian

I can’t say enough about Henderson County’s performance Tuesday at Christian County.

The 34-6 run from the close of the first quarter through the remainder of the half was about as a dominant a stretch of basketball as I’ve seen, at least in a game between relatively comparable teams.
Henderson County had an 11-0 run and an 18-0 run in that stretch. Consider this: it happened on the road; with two starters (Kaleb Duckworth and Cain Cooper) still not 100 percent following recent injuries; two more regulars (D.J. Smth and Bryce Crowley) were out with sickness and injury.
The end result was a comfortable 78-52 victory on Tuesday night over one of Henderson County’s biggest rivals.
Tyler Smithhart has been on the winning bench in each of the last eight games in this series: seven with Christian County and now one with Henderson County.

Tuesday’s game marked his first trip back to Christian County as an opposing coach. That seemed to be a bigger deal for the Christian County fans. There were a few jeers from the student section including a brief chant of “Eades is better” during the first quarter when Christian had the lead. The chant in reference to Christian’s interim coach Kyle Eades.
Henderson County senior Rick Armstead said their coach’s return to his former school wasn’t something that was talked about at all.
Smithhart enjoyed coming back to Christian County if only for the personal relationships he had built there.

“It was good to see some familiar faces and friendly faces,” said Smithhart, who was greeted frequently before and after the game by several of his former colleagues at Christian County. “I have all the respect in the world for this school and the community here. It was special in that regard, but other than that it was just another ball game.”

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