Holiday catchup

The holidays got me behind on my blogging activities. Here’s a couple of leftover items from holiday tournament play.

While disappointed in their play in the 47-45 first-round loss to Calloway County in Ohio County’s Danny Annis Memorial Eagle Classic, Henderson County hopes to learn from the experience.

“I think that (the loss) put us in our place and we came in a little overconfident,” junior forward Cain Cooper said following the 80-52 win over Lake County, Tenn., in the consolation finals “I think that will help us down the road.”

Calloway County came away as the surprise team of the tournament. The tall Lakers, led by 6-8 junior Michael Arnett, imposed their offensive strategy on each of their opponents and kept their games close.

Coming into the tournament with a 5-3 record, Calloway County knocked off Breckinridge County 46-44 in Friday’s semifinals then took unbeaten host Ohio County to the wire in a 60-59 loss in the finals seconds of the championship game.

Ohio County looks like it will challenge defending champion Apollo in the Third Region this season.

Seeing Lake County play brought back some professional memories for me. Early in my newspaper career,  I actually covered a game at the northwest Tennessee school. Lake County was, and still is, a district opponent of South Fulton, Tenn., one of the three schools I covered at my first full-time newspaper job around 25 years ago at the Fulton Daily Leader.

Lake County borders Fulton County, Kentucky and is nestled between the Mississippi River and picturesque Reelfoot Lake, which was created by the massive New Madrid earthquakes of 1811 and 1812 caused the Mississippi River to flow backward forming the lake.

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