Drury No. 1

It’s over. Drury has not only secured the top seed in the GLVC men’s basketball tournament, it probably has locked up the No. 1 seed in the NCAA D-II Midwest Region, which means we’ll be returning to Springfield, Mo., in March. When the Panthers beat both Wisconsin-Parkside 54-52 at home on Thursday and Lewis 56-53 at home on Saturday — and with three regular-season games left against the likes of William Jewell, Rockhurst and Missouri S&T — the battle now is for the rest of the seedings. Figure Indianapolis, regardless what USI does to them on Thursday night on the road, will get the No. 2 seed, with Parkside No. 3 and Lewis No. 4. Then again, if UIndy loses at home to both USI and Bellarmine this week — and don’t rule that out — the Eagles have a shot at the No. 4 seed, I think. OK, it’s hard to tell for sure with all the tie-breakers the conference has, but I have to believe it’s distinctly within the realm of possibility, especially in this crazy season in the GLVC. Well, except for the Drury steamroller. Then again, the Panthers haven’t been winning by much on the road. They beat Missouri-St. Louis by just three and Maryville by the same number of points in two road games, escaped with a five-point overtime win at Quincy, won by just four at McKendree — and lost at Bellarmine by eight, their only loss of the season. And remember that USI pushed them pretty hard at the PAC before the Eagles lost by eight.

This is all about momentum, and USI could be about to keep it going. Aaron Nelson returns after his two-game suspension (and two USI victories). I’ve got to believe he wants to redeem himself for letting his teammates down. If he becomes even more of a monster than he has been this season (remember: 18 double-doubles in points and rebounds), I’d hate to be the Eagles’ final three regular-season opponents. And if USI goes into the GLVC Tournament on a five-game winning streak, I would put up the Eagles as a solid favorite to win the GLVC title at the Ford Center.

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  1. I’m not sure how you figure that Drury is a lock for 1st in the conference. There are 3 games remaining and Parkside is only one win behind Drury.

    If Drury loses two and Parkside wins out (I know, very unlikely, but we’ve seen a lot of crazy action this season), then Parkside has a 1 game lead over Drury.

    Right now there are 5 other teams that can possibly tie or beat Drury’s record in conference with the remaining three games: Indy, Parkside, Truman, Lewis, and USI. A couple of these teams cannot beat Drury in tiebreakers (Truman loses head-to-head as Drury won at Truman) but then the interdivision tiebreakers all depend on who is ranked highest in the end…I believe a few can possibly still beat Drury if they tie records.

    1. From the GLVC handbook, the top East and West team will be awarded the #1 and #2 spots based on win percentage. The rest of the tournament field will be at least three more of each division, as the top four on both sides make it in. Teams in #1-#4 get a first round bye. #2 and #3 don’t necessarily have to be one team from the East and West. If the conference tournament was seeded TODAY then it would be
      1. Drury
      2. Indy
      3. Parkside
      4. Truman
      5. Lewis
      6. USI
      7. Bellarmine
      8. UMSL
      9. William Jewell
      10. Maryville
      11. S&T
      12. UIS

      This is considering all tiebreakers as described in the GLVC handbook found here:

      As it stands now, Drury can still be kicked out of first place if they really screw up the end of their season. Unlikely, but possible. Remember, S&T just beat Parkside. That’s one of Drury’s last three games.

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