Wischmeier and Jay Cutler

In my experience covering USI men’s basketball, coach Rodney Watson sometimes goes off on riffs that make me wonder where they’re going and why. The latest: he compared senior forward Taylor Wischmeier to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Here are the relevant quotes:

“He reminds me of Jay Cutler. He (Cutler) has an expressionless look on his face. But in his last game, Cutler was more emotional.”

At this point I stopped taking notes, knowing I couldn’t keep up, much less understand where Watson was headed. Finally, I wrote down the following about that “expressionless look” that he says both Cutler and Wischmeier wear when they play.

“It’s not a look of apathy. But I’d like to see him (Wischmeier) be a little more expressive when good things happen.”

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