Pre-preseason and the new guys

It’s early — VERY early — to be talking USI men’s basketball as if it’s about to start (opening day for the for-real preseason practices is a little more than a month away). But Aaron Nelson, he of the formerly torn ACL and major double-double potential, has gotten a good look at two of the team’s most recent and, I venture to say, most important recruits: Gavin Schumann and Alex Marzette. His verdict: “Gavin and Alex are pretty good pickups.”

The source of his optimisim? Pickup games and half-court workouts. “They came right in with confidence … Alex and Gavin are both able to get outside shots … “Gavin and Alex are both pretty good defenders.”

The season begins Nov. 19 at home against archrival and former GLVC team Kentucky Wesleyan College.

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  1. Correction – the first game vs KWC is at the SportsCenter, according to the tentative schedule on USI’s site. We end the semester with a home game against KWC.

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