Analysis, cont.

– Watson pointed out that USI passed out 22 assists — “That tells you our guys are looking for the right people,” he said. Broken down, the totals went this way: Keith DeWitt, five assists; Lawrence Thomas, four; Orlando Rutledge, Kenyon Smith and Evan Brinkmeyer, three each; Melvyn Little, two; and Ben Jones and Austin Davis, one apiece.

— USI ended up sinking more 3-pointers than Maryville, 8-7, even though the Saints took 25 3-point shots compared to just 15 by the Eagles.

— The only real worry for USI continues to be its free-throw shooting. The Eagles averaged just 64.7 percent (11-for-17) at the line on Saturday. For the season, they are shooting 69.6 percent. Remember, the benchmark is at least 70 percent and preferably higher than that.

— USI played its most dominating game of the season, never trailing, never finding itself in any danger of losing the lead. Or, as Watson put it: “Finally, we stayed away from the last 10 minutes.”

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