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Kentucky Wesleyan almost never seems to be down in men’s hoops. This year? The No. 13 Panthers are coming off an 83-63 victory at home on Saturday over No. 8 Lindsey Wilson. Six players scored in double figures for KWC — one with 14 points, three with 12 and two with 11. Granted, when these guys play in the Sportscenter it’s almostĀ  a guaranteed win. But Lindsey Wilson came in undefeated — and Wesleyan came out and scored 49 points (while holding LW to 29) in the first half. Plus, KWC shot 69.6 percent in the opening 20 minutes (16-for-23). One other thing: together, both teams shot 55 free throws. KWC was 25-for-31 (80.6 percent).

USI plays KWC, now 6-0 7-0 (they beat Union Tennessee 84-73 Monday night), at the Sportscenter in Owensboro on Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 21.

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  1. Lindsey Wilson is actually #8 NAIA while KWC was #13 NCAA. It’s two different leagues with different polls. Normally, the NCAA teams are tougher than NAIA, so it isn’t much of a surprise that KWC won.

    They are in for a tough next game because of some questionable referees – 9 technical fouls and 2 ejections from their last game – so two of their leading scorers will be out against Salem International on Dec 29. At least it’s not conference play or I’d say they would be in trouble.

    Best of luck to the Panthers and happy holidays!

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