Little guys

You should remember Chris Whitehead. He was the 5-foot-8 guard for Bellarmine last season who lit up the USI men’s basketball team for 25 points last January during the Knights’ 83-70 victory at the PAC. He mostly ran right through the Eagles’ defense for layups.

Well, something similarĀ happened again on Saturday. Lake Superior State’s Akaemji Williams, another 5-8 guard, piled up 24 points against USI — 17 coming in the first half — during Lake Superior State’s 91-73 win over the Eagles in the final round of the C2 Vegas Showdown. Williams did much the same thing that Whitehead did while also passing out six assists.

What this means, I can’t say exactly, except that it can’t be good that the Eagles have trouble stopping quick, small men from getting to the basket. That has something to do with being unable to close off driving lanes. Or is it something else?

“Our ball-screen defense has got to get better,” said USI coach Rodney Watson.

It’s still early. There’s still time to shut down that embarrassment. Isn’t there?


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  1. Insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
    Ladies and gentlemen we are in year seven of the Rodney Watson experiment. Hes not going to bring a title to USI. They do well to finish in the upper part of the league despite tradition, much better facilities, resources, and getting players admitted that half the league would reject. He doesnt have to compete vs powerhouses KWC or NKU anymore.
    Hes cut from the same cloth as Bruce Weber. Go to storied program. Win immediately with prior coaches recruits and then its all down hill.
    Ive had people tell me they dont believe his heart is in the USI job. I believe it. He still lives in Carbondale.

    If you think hes going to suddenly make USI a power again, your insane.

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