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We are midway through the high school football regular season. I thought now would be an appropriate time to look at the best teams, from top to bottom, in Southwestern Indiana. I started out sorting this by Sagarin ratings, then moved schools up or down based on injuries, strength of schedule, common opponents. It’s not scientific, and admittedly subjective. But without further ado, here are my power rankings through five games, divided into six tiers:
TierI-Midseason Power RankingsCue the Titan bias accusations! I promise I’m not basing this on the Gibson Southern-Reitz scrimmage this summer (which I heard did not fare well for the Panthers). But obviously, you could make a case for all three teams at the No. 1 spot as each are the top-ranked team in their respective class. Gibson has not been challenged, but will face its first true test Friday against Heritage Hills at The Jungle. This week, Mater Dei has to beat Castle, who in all honesty, should’ve upset Reitz in Week 3 if not for a bogus high school onside kick return rule. If the Wildcats can hold on, we’re likely to see another 8-0 showdown between the Westside rivals at the bowl. Again, these three are fairly interchangeable to me, but Gibson has looked invincible so far.TierII-Midseason Power Rankings

Fair or unfair, I give Castle the nod over Heritage Hills because of the aforementioned Knights’ upset that didn’t materialize. The Patriots have done everything in their power — including a win against Jasper in Week 4 — to show last fall wasn’t just a flash in the pan season. So it comes down to this hypothetical: Do you think Heritage Hills could’ve come as close as Castle did to beating Reitz? Kenton Crews’ heroics aside, I think their offense still has question marks. But heck, even Castle looked suspect moving the ball last week after the first quarter. Jasper is right there in the mix and its defense has lived up to expectations. But how much better are the Wildcats than Harrison and Central? Could we see a 4A Sectional 24 title game that doesn’t feature Reitz and Jasper? I think there’s a decent chance.

TierIII-Midseason Power Rankings

There’s a fairly steep drop-off here, according to Sagarin. Even after being shut out 28-0 against Reitz and a back-up quarterback last week, I still believe in Harrison. Athletically, they match up against any team in Tier II and you could make a case for Tier I as well. These next two weeks will tell me a lot about the Warriors (two home games against Central and Castle). Southridge is off to another 3-0 start in the Pocket, albeit against a weak schedule, but Scott Buening’s Wing-T offense continues to churn out points despite losing several key players from last season. Central arguably has the most elusive backfield in the SIAC with Tias Stewart and Dorian Williams, but haven’t put up much of a fight against Reitz and Castle. And I’ll be honest. I’m not sure what to make of Perry Central, but they’re 5-0 and that deserves recognition.

TierIV-Midseason Power Rankings

Tons of parity here, particularly in the Big Eight. The first year of Darin Ward era in Boonville has gone as well as possible. The Pioneers host Mount Vernon this week, with the winner staying alive in the conference title race. Princeton’s upset against Mount Carmel (for the first time in 43 years) was significant, but is looking less so by the week with the way the Aces defense has played. By Sagarin, Memorial probably should be in Tier III but injuries to key players cause them to move down in my opinion. North looks like a one-win team in the SIAC. Vincennes pounded Mount Vernon a couple weeks ago, but the Alices are down significantly since winning a share of the conference last year.

TierV-VI-Midseason Power Rankings

How the mighty have fallen… Before the season, I booked a Mount Carmel story assuming they were the favorites to win the Big Eight in returning an offense that appeared highly dangerous on paper. The Aces offense took a hit when junior Daxton Peach suffered a season-ending knee injury. But it’s been their defense that has struggled big time — 49 points per game the past two weeks.

There’s another big drop between Tier V and VI. I’m not going to get into every team here, but I do find it is eye-opening that there are five teams in our area worse than Bosse.

So where did I go wrong? Let me know where you disagree.

8 thoughts on “SW Indiana Midseason Power Rankings”

  1. The game between Gibson southern and Reitz was a scrimmage !!
    Gibson southern has yet to play a ranked team ! Plus if you look at the schedule strength , Gibson southern is ranked 231 in the state. Because they have no one that has talent that they play! Plus never judge a team before season starts ! Reitz has beat a ranked 5A team and a ranked 4A team, who has Gibson southern played so far that has been ranked in the top 20 ?????

  2. True, Gibson southern will be put to the test this Friday . But invincible ??? When the teams they have played are forest park,2A, north posey , and forest park ??? Wow , man they should be ranked in the country for playing those teams. Both Gibson southern and Reitz played Henderson county, not much of a game there. But to put Gibson southern at 1 ??? Hmmmmm most courier writers do not like the west side teams. But hopefully there will be a good game this Friday with Gibson southern. Should be a good test for them. But still not deserving the ranking you gave them. But hey, good article after you just pretty much down played Reitz and should have been beat by castle, but that is football!! Do you think Gibson southern will win State , being invincible ?? And haveing a Sargin ranking over 200 in the state ? When pretty much the rest of the top 20 teams have more harder schedules? That is why Cathedrial is so hard to beat, they play top teams in the nation, not little teams that barely have a team. If you play weak schedule, you really can’t expect any of the teams up north to take you serious.
    But good luck to ALL the teams in Southern Indiana!!

  3. Where does Gibson deserve to be ranked then? 3rd? Is that such a far stretch when they’re all No. 1 in the state?

    Any team that averages more than 60 points/game, coupled with a varsity defense that has allowed a combined 7 points through five weeks, has 30+ seniors, of whom several are third and fourth year starters at key positions and have played in two semistates together can make a case that they’ve looked pretty flawless, and deserve to be in consideration with Reitz and Mater Dei.

    I just personally like Gibson Southern the most.

  4. Anyone can score that many points against teams like that ! Serious, should be a 3 way tie since your a Gibson southern fan.
    If any of the other teams played the teams that Gibson southern played, they would have the same win margin. Think about and be honest, the teams they played are not any good !

  5. Some old crap you hear every year from the SIAC faithful. Because they are fortunate enough to play in a conference that has a little more depth….they are automatically the better team. Your conference is what your conference is….nothing you can do about it. All we heard the previous 3 years was how Memorial was going to beat us because they play in the magical SIAC. Guess what…we put them out of the sectional 3 years in a row including a 50-17 smackdown last season. Chances are we will get the opportunity to do it again this year. I have seen both GS and Reitz play. GS is better….all I need is my eyes and I suspect that is the same criteria PAT is using as well. As for your non-conference schedule Henderson and Terre Haute North (still carrying a ranking based on last year) were NOT great competition for teams the caliber of GS and Reitz. 4A is a cakewalk to state and Reitz might be good enough to get there. There are probably 4 to 5 3A teams better than Reitz this season if not more….GS is one of them.

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