Will Central stun Jasper?

CENTRAL (7-3) AT JASPER (9-1), 7 p.m. Friday
No. 6 Jasper hasn’t faced an electric running back like Central’s Avion Sullivan all season, although Princeton’s Deon Hardiman is pretty formidable. He has more than 2,000 yards rushing and 30 TDs. Bears QB Austin Fuchs has more than 1,000 yards rushing and passing, proof that Central is not one-dimensional. Proud Jasper, which has not won a sectional title since 2008, is sick and tired of losing to Evansville schools.

Prediction: Jasper 35, Central 31

REITZ (7-3) vs. SILVER CREEK (4-6), 7 p.m., Reitz Bowl
The most interesting thing about this game is the site. Silver Creek, a third-year program, has no visitor’s seating section, so it will play at the Bowl instead. Reitz is still considered the visiting team. Other than that puzzling tidbit, it’s another blowout for the Panthers, which could meet Jasper for the sectional title for the second straight year the following week. Silver Creek QB Brooks Howell threw 4 TD passes in 49-41 shootout win over Boonville. But Reitz ain’t Boonville.

Prediction: Reitz 42, Silver Creek 14

TERRE HAUTE NORTH (7-2) at CASTLE (6-3), 6:30 p.m. Friday
Plagued by five turnovers in a 44-14 loss to TH North at Lucas Oil in the season opener, Castle hopes to prove to the No. 2-ranked Patriots that they are vastly improved. Star LB Clay Seitz returned from a broken hand in regular season finale vs. Memorial, but RB Christian Peach is still hobbling.

Prediction: TH North 28, Castle 21

TERRE HAUTE SOUTH (2-7) at NORTH (2-7), 6:30 p.m. Friday
If you believe in comparative scores, check this out: North beat TH South 37-20 in a season opener that wasn’t that close, yet TH South turned around later and beat No. 2 TH North. I know it was a rivalry game, but still puzzling. Which TH South team will show up against the Huskies?

Prediction: TH South 27, North 24

PRINCETON (7-3) at BOSSE (6-4), 7 p.m. Friday
You could call this the battle of the backs: Deon Hardiman vs. Carrington Crutcher. Will Bulldogs wake up after narrowly beating Pike Central (which had one win)? Princeton coach Waylon Schenk will try to beat his alma mater.

Prediction: Bosse 42, Princeton 35

GIBSON SOUTHERN (10-0) vs. MEMORIAL (3-7), 7 p.m. Friday, Romain Stadium
If this game looks like a mismatch, think again. Memorial took the Titans to OT in sectional title game last year. John Hurley, who led the Tigers to a sectional championship berth in his first five seasons, is in danger of seeing that streak end.

Prediction: Gibson Southern 28, Memorial 21

MATER DEI (10-0) at SULLIVAN (7-3), 6:30 p.m. Friday
No. 1 MD didn’t need ailing RB Nolan Goebel against Forest Park, won’t need him against Sullivan, although he will probably see some action. The Wildcats appear headed for a sectional championship showdown at No. 6 Southridge.

Prediction: Mater Dei 42, Sullivan 17

Last week: 6-0
Overall: 42-7.

Thanks for reading.

–Gordon Engelhardt

2 thoughts on “Will Central stun Jasper?

  1. I normally start off my weekly selections with a tale of what I did the past week, as I really have no one else to share my life with now that the Mrs. ran off with the neighbor down the street. I should have known something was brewing when she kept taking him sugar between the hours of 10:30 PM-1 AM….
    However, this week, I want to discuss the idiocy that is Cory Brunson. I wake up on Saturday morning, ready to read a recap of all of the Saturday night playoff games, and the first article I see is the one involving Harrison & Jasper. In this little piece of Pulitzer Prize worthy journalism, the young Head Coach of the Injuns, states (and I quote): “we beat Memorial, we had potentially 4 wins, it’s more wins then the last 6 years.” Uhhhhhhhhh….Coach, I think you need to see if you are concussed. How do you “POTENTIALLY” win 4 games. You either win or lose, there is no Potential column. You lost to Memorial.
    See how it works is, a football game is 4 quarters long. Each of these quarters are 12 minutes. At the end of the four quarters, a winner is declared based on the score achieved by each team. In the case of a tie score, the game then enters an overtime period. This overtime period will consist of each team getting the ball an even number of times until a winner can be determined. In the case of Harrison vs. Memorial, the score was tied after four 12 minute quarters, which triggered the overtime period. After the overtime period, the Tiggers were determined to be the winner, as they now had more points then you. Thus, Harrison was declared the loser of the game. This should not be news to you. You have been playing the game since you were quite young and then have moved up the ranks at Reitz and now have moved to Harrison where you are the “chief” of the tribe. If my kids played for you, I would “potentially” be calling you stupid. Coach Brunson, here’s a tip….next time a reporter asks you for a quote, “potentially” say nothing and “potentially” walk away.

    Now that I have that off my chest:
    Jasper teaches Central that Defense is required, not an option….38-17
    RHS boys trounce Silver Creek from the Visitors sideline, 37-10
    THN blasts the Squires 28-6
    The BooDawgs and the High School Coaching All Stars bow out 35-21
    The Tiggers surprise the Trojans 21-13
    Kitty Kats obliterate Sullivan 49-10

    If anyone is in the neighborhood, I will be giving out FULL SIZE Candy Bars this year. I went out to Sam’s Club and spent most of my SSI Check on making sure I had enough for both the Trick or Treaters as well as my Diabetic self. Stop on by and grab an Almond Joy or a Charleston Chew!
    If you don’t know my address, just look for the sweet scooter on the porch in the 1st Avenue and Lloyd area!

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