Predictions for first round of sectionals

Believe it or not, postseason is here. Feel free to make your predictions. Surely, Four Horseman isn’t the only other prognosticator out there!

OWEN VALLEY (5-4) at REITZ (6-3), 7 p.m. Friday
This is the lone first-round sectional matchup involving a SIAC team on Friday that has two teams with above .500 records, but it still shouldn’t be close. Reitz should win handily.

Prediction: Reitz 28, Owen Valley 14

SEYMOUR (0-9) at CENTRAL (6-3), 6 p.m. Friday
Central has scored 394 points, but given up 333. There is no way Seymour can hang with the high-scoring Bears.

Prediction: Central 42, Seymour 21

JASPER (8-1) at HARRISON (1-7), 6:30 p.m.
The Warriors are hoping a major upset, and hoping perhaps Jasper will be looking past them toward a probable second-round showdown at home against Central.

Prediction: Jasper 45, Harrison 24

BOSSE (5-4) at PIKE CENTRAL (1-8), 6:30 p.m.
The Bulldogs posted their first regular season winning record since 2000 and aren’t about to stop now.

Prediction: Bosse 49, Pike Central 21

MEMORIAL (2-7) at HERITAGE HILLS (2-7), 7 p.m.
The Tigers didn’t have a good regular season, but expect them to advance to a probable second-round showdown with unbeaten Gibson Southern.

Prediction: Memorial 28, Heritage Hills 21

FOREST PARK (2-7) vs. MATER DEI (9-0), 6:30 p.m. Friday at Enlow
The Wildcats should be up 42-0 by halftime, then Mike Goebel will take it easy on the outmanned Rangers.

Prediction: Mater Dei 56, Forest Park 14

Last week: 4-0
Overall: 36-7.

Thanks for reading.

–Gordon Engelhardt

3 thoughts on “Predictions for first round of sectionals

  1. I was at one of my favorite restaurants this week, Marx Bar-B-Q, finishing off my 2nd quart of Sweet-N-Sour Slaw, when it dawned on me that I really despise country music. I just don’t get it. I understand that when your dog runs off, your wife dies and your truck won’t start that it seems like the world is ending, but we all know that just means your life is now TOTALLY AWESOME! No responsibilities and no way to get to work! How is this not the best thing ever????
    Well the regular season is over and it’s now time to play the annual “Win or Go Home” portion of the season. Or as Harrison calls it, “Countdown to End of The Torture.”
    Owen Valley vs. Reitz at Mike Goebel Field at Frank Will Bowl
    The RHS Boys looked pretty good last week in their loss to the Kitty Kats and should have no problem rolling over the Patriots. The good news is that with RHS still playing, the C&P can continue to run weekly articles about the 3rd place team in the conference! Can’t wait to hear next week how Hape walks and talks just like his Daddy!

    RHS 35 Owen Valley 20
    Seymour vs. Central at Original Vida Robinson Memorial Stadium
    The Hoot Owls are 0-9 and have given up an average of 58.7 points a game, whilst only scoring 18.6 a game. The biggest question is whether or not the scoreboard explodes.

    Central 873 Seymour 2
    Jasper vs. Harrison at The Big TeePee
    Keep your heads up Injuns…only 2 days left.
    Jasper 52 Harrison 20

    Bosse vs. Pike Central at Christian Slater Stadium
    PC is terrible…I mean absolutely terrible. The BooDawgs have actually shown some improvement as the year has progressed. Looks like the High School Coaching All Stars have actually stopped showing the players their old highlight films and are actually coaching.

    Bosse 51 Pike Central 17
    Memorial vs. Heritage Hills at Bob Clayton Field at Jay Cutler/Ken Dilger Stadium
    In the history of all history, I don’t think anyone would have ever convinced anyone that a football game would be played between the Tiggers and the Pats where both teams had a record of 2-7. It’s like the world is upside down….next thing you will tell me is that trans fats are bad for you!

    Memorial 31 Heritage Hills 14
    Forest Park vs. Mater Dei at Rico Killebrew Stadium
    The Ranger Dangers are not very good. The Kitty Kats are very good. As Gordy says, it should be 40ish to nothing by the half. The biggest question will be whether or not the stands at Killebrew can handle the weight of more than 25 people…
    MD 63 Forest Park 13

  2. Looks like I forgot a game….
    Bye Week vs. North at New Vida Robinson Memorial Stadium
    The Fighting Szabo’s get to play the always tough Bye Week. This is a game that will come down to who has the most grit and determination. As we all have seen, the Szabo’s started out strong, but have since fallen completely apart. I have heard rumblings of a movement afoot to remove Szabo and replace him. I am here to out this movement. They are known as, “The Friends of Fonzi,” and they are recruiting any and all members who are against so called Daddy Ball. They hope that by removing the Szabo staff that they can start over next year and have another subpar player move in with his daddy coach and be handed the job.
    Szabo’s 14 Bye Week 10

  3. And another one….I am losing my mind in my old age.
    Bye Week vs. Castle at Warrick Co. Waterworks Stadium
    The Squires are sputtering right now. I think they win this one, but things get pretty difficult after this!
    Castle 21 Bye Week 7

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