Make your picks for rivalry week – last week of regular season

MATER DEI (8-0, 6-0) at REITZ (6-2, 5-1), 7 p.m. Friday
Mater Dei is seeking its first unbeaten regular season since 2001 while Panthers hope to win City title outright and tie MD for SIAC championship. Don’t count on the latter two happening. MD should control Panthers’ ground game and forced them to pass.

Prediction: Mater Dei 28, Reitz 21

HARRISON (1-6, 0-6) at BOSSE (4-4, 3-3), 7 p.m. Friday
Bulldogs hope to bounce back from two losses to finish the regular season above .500. LaWan Rollins stepped in admirably as Harrison QB after Ryan Hales went down with a broken collarbone last week in practice. But it’s doubtful Warriors can rebound from devastating 42-41 OT loss to Memorial in which they blew a 35-7 halftime lead.

Prediction: Bosse 42, Harrison 34

CENTRAL (5-3, 3-3) at NORTH (2-6, 1-5), 7 p.m. Friday
Same old story – Bears have scored 345 points, but have allowed 312. It’s doubtful North has the firepower to keep up.

Prediction: Central 45, North 28

MEMORIAL (2-6, 2-4) at CASTLE (5-3, 4-2), 7 p.m. Friday
Memorial is riding high after overcoming a 35-7 halftime deficit to stun Harrison, 42-41, in OT. Injury-plagued Castle hopes to close regular season with a win, then heal up as it gets a first-round Class 5A playoff bye.

Prediction: Castle 31, Memorial 21

Last week: 4-0
Overall: 32-7.

Thanks for reading.

–Gordon Engelhardt

2 thoughts on “Make your picks for rivalry week – last week of regular season

  1. Well, I just went through my notebook that I keep each year showing how much money I spend at the Fall Festival, and it is AWESOME! I do this for 2 reasons…1. To make sure these MONEY GRUBBING NON PROFITS keep their prices in line. 2. To know how many cans I need to collect from now until October 1st, 2014, to insure I have enough moolah. This year, the total money spent was $1,443. This total does not include any adult beverages that were consumed at various establishments, as that is a normal spending habit. The big ticket items were: $75 on Monster Ears, $70 on Corpus Christi Sausage Burgers, $50 on Haystacks, $50 on TKE Strombolis & $50 on various kuchens. The remaining balance included items bought at each and every booth on Franklin Street…oh and my bail money on Thursday night. Don’t ask, but let’s just say it involves my Rascal, a Carnie and “allegedly” a megaphone and some bacon grease. But let me tell you, it was WORTH IT!

    MD vs. Reitz at Mike Goebel Field at Frank Will Bowl for the WSNC Golden Acorn Trophy
    The Kitties had a tight first half last week, before pulling away, whilst the RHS boys were able to hang on. The O/D Lines of the Kitties will outweigh the RHS boys by 30-40 lbs. a man, and that will be significant. RHS can’t throw the ball and no one has been able to run on MD all year. This one isn’t close.
    MD 38 RHS Boys 14

    Harrison vs. Bosse at Rico Killebrew Stadium for the No One Shows Up to Our Games Trophy sponsored by Big Lots
    The Injuns gave up 35 points in the 2nd Half last week and are REELING! The BooDawgs and Crutcher have looked mortal the last two weeks. Neither team can play defense. I’m not sure either team even wants to play at this point. The good news for both teams is that there is only 1 week left of football!
    Bosse 35 Harrison 20
    PS-First 150 fans at Rico Killebrew Stadium receive complimentary Season Tickets. Both schools are betting that 125 of these go unclaimed.

    Central vs. North at New Vida Robinson Memorial Stadium in the Battle for the Bankrupt Buehler’s Buy Low Grocery Bag Trophy
    The Honey Boo Boos have NO DEFENSE. I mean none. Per Gordy, they are giving up an average of 39 per game! That is unbelievable! Good news for them….Here comes North. The Fighting Szabo’s are just terrible. They opened the year looking like a team with their hair on fire. Now, they look like a team who’s hair was on fire, had it put out and they are scared to put on the burn ointment because it hurts too bad.
    Central 44 North 38.5
    (Central’s D actually will hold a team under their season average this week)

    Memorial vs. Castle at Warrick County Water Works Stadium for the We Aren’t Rivals But There Is No One Else For Us To Play This Week Trophy sponsored by The Dress Barn
    The Tiggers finally showed some firepower in the 2 Half against the Injuns last week. Now granted, it was the Injuns, but anytime you come back from 35 down, it’s impressive…or Frank Reich is your Quarterback filling in for an injured Jim Kelly, who ends up getting all the praise and going to the Hall of Fame, while your still Frank Reich and stuck only being in the Univ. of Maryland Hall of Fame….but I digress.
    The Squires have been playing uninspired ball since MD took them to the woodshed a few weeks ago. They better watch out, cause the Tiggers may have something for them….UPSET ALERT
    Memorial 21 Castle 13

    If you are at the Bowl this weekend, come say hi! I think I am going to pull out my 1991 “0-8 and GOING TO STATE” Mater Dei sweat shirt.

    Also, if anyone has an inside track on any left over Pronto Pup batter, I have cash and I’m not afraid to use it…

  2. Gordy
    It is my humble/meager opinion, that the C&P has effectively buried the HS Blog, thus making it very difficult for people to find and make prognostications on a weekly basis. Just a few short 2-3 years ago, there were 10 to 12 people picking games each week. Now it’s you and me.
    You gotta get with the Powers that be/the Man and figure a way to put this out there where people will participate. Between locking down the website and burying the fan interaction, the C&P is killing itself.
    May be time for me and the Rascal to go elsewhere…

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