With win, Mater Dei can take control of SIAC race

MATER DEI (5-0, 3-0) at CASTLE (3-2, 2-1), 7 p.m. Friday
Castle has won back-to-back SIAC titles with undefeated league records. If MD takes this game, it will seize control of SIAC race, barring a slip down the line. Christian Peach ran for a school-record 307 yards in Knights’ 39-14 romp over North, but don’t expect him to get half that against MD’s “D.”

Prediction: MD 28, Castle 24

CENTRAL (3-2, 1-2) at HARRISON (1-3, 0-3), 7 p.m. Friday
Look for another high-scoring game as Central can light the scoreboard, but can’t stop anyone. Harrison has plenty of athletes to make things interesting. Both teams are coming off devastating losses.

Prediction: Central 42, Harrison 35

MEMORIAL (1-4, 1-2) at REITZ (3-2, 2-1), 7 p.m. Friday
After a 1-2 start, Panthers have rebounded with two successive wins. Look for them to make it three in a row, against stubborn Memorial.

Prediction: Reitz 27, Memorial 20

NORTH (2-3, 1-2) at BOSSE (3-2, 2-1), 7 p.m. Friday
Coming off back-to-back victories over Castle and Memorial, Bosse is seeking its first win over North since 1996. Huskies have been struggling.

Prediction: Bosse 35, North 28

Last week: 4-0
Overall: 20-7

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–Gordon Engelhardt

One thought on “With win, Mater Dei can take control of SIAC race

  1. We are 1.5 weeks away from the most magical time of the year. It’s that time of year, where there is a smile on everyone’s face. People want to share food with you. Families make plans to see one another multiple times over the course of the week. Travel becomes painful as the anticipation builds to the excitement of seeing the lights illuminating the sky. No it’s not Christmas, its the FALL FESTIVAL!!! My gosh am I excited! I have started my annual tradition of eating 8-10 Pronto Pups a day to stretch my stomach. This allows me to consume so much more on my yearly quest to eat at every booth. However, I will not be doing this EAT RIGHT silliness. The Fall Festival is great because its GREASE! GREASE@ & More GREASE! Can’t wait to see everyone.
    UPDATE: The Rascal is getting worked on and it is literally going to be down to the wire if I get my baby back. Fingers crossed! If anyone wants to get down on a knee and send up a little prayer, feel free.

    MD vs. Castle @ Warrick County WaterWorks Stadium.
    The Squires are an enigma. They smash Reitz. They lose to Bosse. Then they smash the non existing defense of Central. MD just seems to grind everybody out. Christian Peach is the catalyst for the Squires, but the Kitty Kats contain him.
    Kitties 31 Squires 14

    Central vs. Harrison @The Big TeePee
    The Honey Boo Boo’s are TERRIBLE on defense. I mean, it is just disgusting. There are teams playing on Barker Ave. at EJFL that have a better Defensive scheme then Coach Owens. The Injuns have shown a little fight, but are just about as awful as the Honey Boo Boos. If you like offense, but despise violence/defense, feel free to attend.
    Honey Boo Boos 242 Injuns 241

    Memorial vs. Reitz @Mike Goebel Field at Frank WIll Bowl
    The Tiggers have been close in every game, but just can’t seem to get over the hump. The RHS boys have looked better since the Castle Game, but let’s be honest. They haven’t really played anyone. I honestly think this will be the closest game of the weekend. Well, at least in a game that features both a complete Offense & Defense….
    Tiggers 24 RHS Boys 21 in 2OT

    North vs. Bosse @Rico Killebrew Stadium
    This game is just awful…The Nicknames that are yet to be determined have fallen on their face. It’s like they forgot how to play after week 1, and Coach Szabo has 0 answers (Hey North fans…bet you wish Fonzie was walking the sidelines now dontcha!) The BooDawgs basically just line up 10 random people and give the ball to Crutcher. It’s like they walk the halls on Friday and just randomly hand 21 jerseys out to boys that pass in the hall. Then they put them on the field and say, “Just kind of stand there and try not to get hurt…” Then they hand the ball to Crutcher and he runs around for 48 minutes.
    If you pick to go to this game over any of the other 3, then you must have a non diagnosed aneurysm…
    BooDawgs 31 Nicknames Yet To Be Determined 23

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