Mater Dei, Central hope to improve to 4-0

In recent seasons, picking prep football games involving SIAC teams wasn’t all that difficult because the top teams often towered above the rest.

Not this year. I’m limping along with a 14-5 record because there is lots of parity and that makes it interesting and unpredictable for everybody.

Feel free to make your picks for Week 4.

MEMORIAL (1-2, 1-0) vs. MATER DEI (3-0, 1-0), 7 p.m. Friday, Reitz Bowl
Steve Ford and I discussed on Memorial’s (The Score) video (on last week that maybe the Tigers weren’t really a bad team despite their 0-2 record. They had faced arguably the toughest nonconference schedule of any SIAC team. We were perhaps proven correct when they beat North in their SIAC opener. But Memorial will, for the third time in four weeks, be facing yet another elite team in Mater Dei. The Wildcats, ranked No. 2 in Class 2A, have won three in a row in the series.

Prediction: Mater Dei 28, Memorial 14

CASTLE (2-1, 1-0) at BOSSE (1-2, 0-1), 7 p.m. Friday
Talk about contrasting styles. Castle, which has often struggled to score points, pitched a shutout against Reitz. Bosse, on the other hand, has scored 148 points and given up 131. Something’s got to give. Knights’ offensive and defensive lines should prove to be the difference. Castle is ranked No. 7 in the AP Class 5A poll (artificially high, I ranked the Knights No. 9).

Prediction: Castle 31, Bosse 17

REITZ (1-2, 0-1) at CENTRAL (3-0, 1-0), 7 p.m. Friday
After doing a good job of showcasing its skill players out in space against Paducah Tilghman, Reitz was shut out by Castle as the Knights’ line manhandled the Panthers up front. It marked the first time Reitz had been blanked since 2004. Central is the third-highest scoring team in the state with a 59-point average, but is allowing 41.3. Loser of this regular-season game went on to win the local Class 4A sectional the last two years.

Prediction: Central 42, Reitz 35

HARRISON (1-1, 0-1) at NORTH (1-2, 0-1)
Sophomore QB Ryan Hales threw for 225 yards and three TDs, but had two intercepted in Harrison’s 51-25 loss to Mater Dei. North let a winnable game against Memorial slip away. The Huskies, who ended 5-5 the past two seasons, need this victory badly if they want to at least finish .500 yet again.

Prediction: North 28, Harrison 21

Last week: 2-2
Overall: 14-5

Thanks for reading.

–Gordon Engelhardt

One thought on “Mater Dei, Central hope to improve to 4-0

  1. What an amazing week it has been for me and my Rascal. Like I told you last week, I was contemplating putting hydraulics on the lil beast to add a coolness factor to my sick, sick ride. Well, I am in the process of not only adding hydraulics…but also NEON LIGHTS underneath it. It’s going to be like cruising North Park and the Two Bit Bandit all over again!!!

    Memorial vs. Mater Dei at Mike Goebel Field at Frank Will Bowl
    The Tiggers finally got into the win column last week by beating the Fat Dogs. However, they have a big test this week against the Councilman and his Kitty Kats. This one is close early, but the Kitties pull away to win 35-13.

    Castle vs. Bosse at Rico Killebrew Memorial Stadium
    The Squires got a much needed win last week by beating up on an over inflated opponent in the RHS Boys. The BooDawgs can score some points, but a physically incapable of making a tackle. I mean it’s like they don’t understand what the word rap up means. Has Coach Thomas told them this is really 7 on 7 and that tackling is against the rules? I mean that would be a better explanation then just saying they have a bad defense.
    Squires 24 BooDawgs 10

    Reitz vs. Central at Fonzie Field at Original Vida Robinson Memorial Stadium
    I don’t even know where to start with this one. The RHS boys looked TERRIBLE last week. Like the worst I have ever seen them, and I remember the original Hape days. The team looks totally flat from the word go and quite frankly has no interest in being there. Hape Part II can expect the For Sale signs to be erected in his yard around 9:30 on Friday Night. As for the Honey Boo Boos, they wake up every morning thanking what ever God they pray to, that Bosse is in their conference. That alone is keeping the pressure off their non existent defense.
    Honey Boo Boos 41 RHS Boys 27

    Harrison vs. North at New Fonzie Field at Vida Robinson Memorial Stadium
    The Fat Dogs welcome the bye week (also known as Harrison week). They have decided to stage a scrimmage game against a couple of kids from the East side. The public is welcome.
    Fat Dogs 31 Injuns 14

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