Jamey Carroll doesn’t feel old – just ask him

Jamey Carroll doesn’t feel old.

“When I was 38, no one asked me about my age,” said Carroll, the Kansas City Royals’ utility infielder who will turn 40 next February. “Now that I turned 39, it’s a big topic. I feel good, I feel well-prepared. If the phone rings in the offseason I’ll see where that takes me. I’m not stupid, I understand my role has changed.”

Carroll, who has a lifetime .274 average, is batting a career-low .210 this year. But he can pass on a wealth of knowledge to younger players.

Before last season, Carroll signed a two-year, $6.5 million contract with the Minnesota Twins. He was acquired by Kansas City last month.

The Castle High School and University of Evansville graduate is one hit shy of 1,000 in his major league career.

“I don’t think one more hit will define me as a husband, a brother, a father or as a baseball player,” Carroll said.

Of course, getting 1,000 career hits is something he can one day tell to his grandkids. Not bad for a guy who didn’t make it to the majors until age 28 and was never considered  a regular player. That is, until the guy allegedly in front of him started slumping or got injured.

Enter Jamey Carroll, who has got every ounce out of his underrated talent through the years.

–Gordon Engelhardt


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