Mattingly was once reaching out to Rolen


The Los Angeles Dodgers, who acquired veteran infielder Michael Young from Philadelphia last Saturday night, were once seeking the services of former All-Star third baseman Scott Rolen of Jasper, Ind.

Los Angeles manager Don Mattingly reached out to Rolen last winter, to see if he could talk him out of retirement, according to Mattingly was looking for a player who had a reputation for leadership and could play through pain.

Obviously, Rolen never joined the Dodgers and now Mattingly is hoping that Young, who has played in 34 postseason games and 12 World Series games, will help fill that leadership void.

–Gordon Engelhardt

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Many moons ago, I was a semipro baseball pitcher and my love for the grand old game continues unabated. I was lucky enough to cover the White Sox in the 1983 ALCS and the Cubbies in the 1984 NLCS while living in northern Illinois. I have covered several Cardinals games, but never in postseason.

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