Evansville’s Minor League Baseball Fantasy/Jon Webb

Back in the early 2000’s, Evansville had proposed building a Downtown stadium for a minor league baseball team. Several factors tanked the proposal, but the topic piqued Jon Webb’s interest.

He stopped by the studio to talk about his story, “Downtown’s dead dream,” a look back on Evansville’s failed baseball stadium. The story will be published this Saturday online and Sunday in print.


A Parently Obvious/Abbey Doyle

On this installment of Canvass’s Behind the Byline, Abbey Doyle talks about her parenting blog, A Parently Obvious.

She also discusses her transition from reporter to features editor and journey through life.

A Parently Obvious – http://www.courierpress.com/blog/abbeydoyle/
Project Reveal – http://projectreveal.org/

Vanderburgh County Drug Treatment Court/Mark Wilson

Courier & Press court reporter Mark Wilson stopped by the studio to share new data released regarding the Vanderburgh County Treatment Court, a program for nonviolent offenders with felony-level drug charges.

As a veteran journalist, he also discussed his experiences in the industry.

Shannon Hall/Point Zero Eight

Courier & Press reporter Shannon Hall talks about her new DUI tracking project, Point Zero Eight.

She also discusses her involvement with Women’s Equality Day.


“Fighting the stigma” of addiction with Nate Boyett

A man once consumed by meth and other drugs is now on the front line fighting against the area’s next emerging drug crisis. Nate Boyett stopped by the studio to talk about the stigma associated with addiction, his own personal struggles with drugs and the Evansville facility he opened in an effort help others with their own recovery.