Schneider seeks to ditch Common Core standards

State Sen. Scott Schneider, R-Indianapolis, wants to ditch Common Core education standards, and says he plans to file a bill during the General Assembly’s upcoming session that would do just that.

Those standards — adopted by 42 states, including Indiana in 2010 — are out of favor with tea partiers. Some have said it hurt Republican state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett, who was defeated by Democrat Glenda Ritz in November. Schneider said he wants to go back to Indiana’s old standards.

“Many Hoosiers, including myself, are concerned that adopting the Common Core Standards was a significant step backward from the nationally recognized education standards Indiana previously had in English and math,” Schneider said. “I am worried that Common Core was pushed on Indiana without proper review of what it will mean for students and teachers.”

Schneider said his bill will get a hearing in the Senate Education and Career Development Committee, chaired by Sen. Dennis Kruse, R-Auburn, on Jan. 16.

UPDATE: It’s off the topic of Schneider’s bill, but worth mentioning. I wrote that tea party opposition to Common Core as one reason Bennett lost, but Christine Matthews, the well-respected Republican pollster, says his loss was about other education reform measures. She tweeted that “Idaho & ND referendums & Bennett in IN poked the teachers union hornet nest by advancing merit pay & teacher evaluation reform.”

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