Cursive writing bill advances

A bill that would require Indiana schools to teach cursive writing won a Senate education committee’s approval on a 7-4 vote Wednesday.

The bill is authored by Sen. Jean Leising, R-Oldenburg. At least two conservative Republican members of the committee said they weren’t sure how they’d vote when the bill moved to the Senate floor.

Sen. Pete Miller, R-Avon, said he voted no and that it was “not that I’m voting against cursive, but just the concept of the legislature determining the curriculum.”

Worth noting: The Senate Education and Career Development Committee does all its work on iPads.

One thought on “Cursive writing bill advances

  1. I taught for 33 years, and was appalled when I discovered that so many of our sixth graders could not read cursive writing. I have always had cursive writing in my curriculum, and when we had extra minutes in the school day, we’d work on it! I think it’s very important for all students to be able to read and write cursive. That said, it doesn’t mean they would ever have to use it. Because of technology, everything is in manuscript, but it would be a shame to NOT be able to read and write cursive .
    There is a transition from manuscript to cursive and I believe it begins as early as second grade. I believe it needs to be put back into the curriculum, even though today’s curriculum is tough at all grade levels, teachers can always find 15-20 minutes a day to develop this skill.

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