Throwback Thursday

Thoughts of my dad are always pretty constant but the last few days even more so.

dad and ab

Just Wednesday my sister, who still has his cell number saved in her phone (I have his name in my phone for my mom’s house number) accidentally called it. She quickly hung up but the person returned the call. It shook Sarah to see the number pop up on her phone, as it has me to see “dad calling” when my mom calls me from the house phone.

dad ab and sarah

Then, later that same day, my mom called to tell me a stuffed Teletubby that was my dad’s (don’t ask, he was a goofball) started talking and wouldn’t shut off. She called wondering what it meant.

dad and mom

And then a friend on Facebook today talked about how much he was thinking about my dad today when he went to speak at an area high school, something my dad did frequently in his line of work doing substance abuse counseling.

dad book

So today’s Throwback Thursday is in honor of my dad. Love you and miss you terribly!


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