Throwback Thursday


With the Super Bowl coming up on Sunday I’m reminscing about football stuff. I know fantasy football and an actual football game of super talented, top of their game athletes are pretty different, but one of my best “football” memories is of our fantasy draft party in 2009.

The "draft board," they were serious about their pretend sports.

The “draft board,” they were serious about their pretend sports.

It was my first time to be a part of a league; I was the only woman (I’m sure my husband, then boyfriend, had to twist a few arms to make it happen). But one thing they got out of it was that I hosted the draft party. Most years they had pizza and beers. This time there were lots of yummy snacks that I’m sure included hummus and veggies.

P.S. I won the league! :)

FB 1 fb 4



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