Jeffrey S. Young


Age: 31

Arrested: July 7 at 5:22 p.m.

Address: 820 Ridgeway Ave, Evansville

Charge: Battery against a public safety official (level 6 felony), battery against a public safety official (level 6 felony), residential entry break and enter dwelling (level 6 felony), battery by bodily waste (victim is a public safety officer) (level 6 felony), public intoxication (class b misdemeanor), operating a vehicle while intoxicated (class c misdemeanor)

Attorney: Andrew Carroll, public defender  Continue reading Jeffrey S. Young

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Kyle B. Wilke


Age: 31

Arrested: April 15 at 4:29 a.m.

Address: 1812 Monroe Avenue, Evansville

Charge: Operating a vehicle with an ACE of .15 or more, but where defendant has a prior conviction (level 6 felony), possession of marijuana (class b misdemeanor)

Attorney: Yvonne Carter, retained Continue reading Kyle B. Wilke

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