Ricky A. Kiper Jr.


Age: 29

Arrested: Sept. 4 at 8:41 p.m.  

Address: 2011 Clay St., Henderson, Kentucky

Charge: Operating a vehicle while intoxicated: prior conviction (level 6 felony), operating a vehicle with a sched. I or II controlled substance with prior or under 21 (level 6 felony), driving while suspended

Attorney: Not available

Arresting agency: Evansville Police Department

Status of case: 

DUI history:

March 2014: Possession of controlled substance, fail to stop/accident result in damage, OMVWI .08/under .15- Submitted plea agreement June 2014 with guilty plea to count I, II and III. Sentenced to the Indiana Department of correction for 18 months suspended to the drug abuse probation service in count I, for count II – Vanderburgh County Jail for 6 months suspended to DAPS, and 60 days in the county jail for count III. In April 2015 – notice of violation of probation – defendant admits the allegations in that the defendant was charged with new crime. Sentenced to 547 days at Indiana Department of Corrections with 29 credit days.


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