Gina L. Blaine


Age: 50

Arrested: July 16 at 2:43 a.m.

Address: 5837 Bayer Dr., Evansville

Charge: Operating a vehicle with an ACE of .15 or more, but with prior (level 6 felony), resisting law enforcement (class a misdemeanor)

Attorney: Jon Humphress, public defender 

Arresting agency: Evansville Police Department

Status of Case:

  • July 18 (information): Court sets bond at $1,000 cash. Condition of bond – defendant is not allowed to drink or operate a motor vehicle while the matter is pending.
  • July 19 (initial hearing): Court enters a preliminary plea of not guilty.
  • Aug. 7 (hearing): Defendant request reduction in bond or AAPS. Court takes it under advisement.
  • Aug. 14 (hearing): On defendant’s motion and over state’s objection – the court places the defendant on ABK Sheriff’s program. Defendant is allowed to attend her daughter’s wedding on Aug. 26 so long as the defendant prepays before Aug. 26 for an ETG test to be given on Aug. 28.
  • Sept. 12 (hearing):

DUI History: 

October 2016: Operating a vehicle with alcohol concentration equivalent to at least .08 but less than .15 (class a misdemeanor)- pleaded guilty to count I. Sentenced to 60 days at the Vanderburgh County Jail – suspended to 1 year probation in February 2017. Petition for revocation of bond filed in July.

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