Eric W. Clegg


Age: 23

Arrested: June 17 at 6:12 p.m.

Address: 1372 Pollack Avenue, Evansville

Charge: Operating a vehicle with an ACE of .08 or more but where defendant has a prior conviction (level 6 felony)

Attorney: Dawnya Taylor, retained

Arresting agency: Evansville Police Department

Status of Case:

  • June 20 (information filed): Court sets bond at $5,000. Condition of bond- in-home alcohol monitoring, no consumption of alcohol.
  • June 21 (initial hearing): Court enters preliminary plea of not guilty.
  • June 28 (hearing): Defendant requests bond reduction of $2,000 cash. State objects and court denies said request.
  • Aug. 9 (hearing): Defendant accepts the state’s off not yet reduced to writing.
  • Aug. 15 (hearing): License suspended for 2 years. Sentenced to 1 year and 180 days at the Indiana Department of Corrections. Suspended 1 year and 120 days. First 2 months (60 days) to be executed. Defendant is entitled to 30 days credit. Drug and alcohol monitoring – balance of 16 months suspended to Alcohol Abuse Probation Services.

DUI History:

March 2017: Operating a vehicle with an ACE of .08 or more but where defendant has a prior conviction (level 6 felony)– still pending case. Next hearing is July 28 as well with a jury trial Aug. 9.

December 2013: (WARRICK COUNTY) operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person, operating a vehicle with an ACE of .08 or more- pleads guilty to count I. Court sentences defendant to 1 year at the Warrick County Security Center, but will suspend to 1 year non-reporting probation.

January 2013: OMVWI in manner that endangers a person, OMVWI .08/under .15, illegal consumption of alcohol beverage. Pleaded guilty, referred to DADS (Drug and alcohol deferral services). Charges to be dismissed pending completion of DADS program. December 2013 – defendant having failed to comply with DADS, petition to revoke defendant’s participation in the program. Defendant violated terms of DADS program and terminated from program. Counts I & II merge. 1 year at Vanderburgh County Jail suspended to 1 year probation. Discharged from probation satisfactorily (July 2015).