Daniel R. Aubuchon


Age: 37  

Arrested: June 11 at 11:19 p.m.

Address: 1705 S Fairlawn Ave., Evansville

Charge: Operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person (class a misdemeanor), operating a vehicle while intoxicated (class c misdemeanor)

Attorney: Mark Foster, retained

Arresting agency: Evansville Police Department

Status of Case: 

  • June 12 (initial hearing): Based on refusal, court suspends defendant’s license for 1 year.
  • July 12 (hearing): cancelled
  • July 19 (hearing): Defendant enters a guilty plea to count I. Count II to be dismissed upon sentencing. Parties stipulate defendant would have tested .08 or greater. Defendant’s license is suspended for 60 days.
  • Aug. 29 (hearing):

DUI History:

February 2011: OMVWI .15 or greater (class a misdemeanor), OMVWI (class c misdemeanor)- pleads guilty and referred to the DADS (drug and alcohol deferral services). Cause dismissed for completion of DADS.

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