Anthony K. Dorris


Age: 41

Arrested: May 6 at 5:09 a.m.

Address: 2110 Ashton Court, Princeton

Charge: Operating a vehicle with an alcohol concentration equivalent to at .08 but less than .15 (class c misdemeanor), unlawful possession or use of a legend drug (level 6 felony)

Attorney: Mark Phillips, retained

Arresting agency: Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office

Status of Case: 

  • May 9 (information filed): $500 cash bond posted. Condition of bond – defendant is not allowed to drink alcohol or operate a motor vehicle while the matter is pending.
  • May 10 (initial hearing): Court enters a preliminary plea of not guilty on behalf of defendant.
  • May 25 (hearing): Time to hire counsel
  • June 14 (hearing): Defendant has state’s offer and rejects it.
  • July 12 (hearing): Motion to enter plea pursuant to plea agreement. Court withholds final judgment of conviction for the unlawful possession or use of a legend drug charge for 1 year and places Dorris on Adult Probation for said period of 1 year. Special condition of probation – defendant must obtain an evaluation and complete recommended treatment. If defendant successfully completes probation, the court will enter final judgment of conviction as class a misdemeanor. Plea of agreement with OMWVI charge as well – sentenced to 1 year at Indiana Department of Corrections – suspended to 1 year of probation.

DUI History:

July 2010: GIBSON COUNTY Operating a vehicle while intoxicated (class c misdemeanor), operating below .15 or sch. I or sch. II substance (class c misdemeanor)-  pleads guilty. Court snetenced him in count I to 330 days in the Gibson County Jail but with sentenced suspended to 330 days of probation. License suspended for 180 days.

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