Brittany L. Curtis


Age: 26

Arrested: May 3 at 10:17 p.m.

Address: 70 Adams Ave., Evansville

Charge: Operating a vehicle while intoxicated: prior conviction (level 6 felony), possession of marijuana (class b misdemeanor)

Attorney: David Lamont, retained

Status of Case: 

  • May 5 (information filed): $1,000 cash bond posted. Defendant is not to drink or drive.
  • May 9 (initial hearing): Court enters a preliminary plea of not guilty for the defendant.
  • May 18 (hearing): Time to hire counsel
  • June 20 (hearing): Reset
  • July 12 (hearing): Defendant made a counter-offer to state. Review hearing reset.
  • Aug. 2 (hearing): Defendant is placed on DAPS and AAPS as a condition bond. Defendant must report to sign up immediately. Defendant admits to court she will test positive for marijuana.
  • Aug. 3 (hearing): Defendant admits bond violation. Defendant apologizes to the court for not telling truth the day before. Defendant request to be released back to AAPS & DAPS as a condition of bond-  court takes request under advisement.
  • Oct. 4 (hearing):

DUI History: Not available

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