Cody S. Bauer


Age: 31

Arrested: April 23 at 1:59 a.m.

Address: 2671 Wexford Drive, Evansville

Charge: Operating vehicle with alcohol concentration to .15 or more (class a misdemeanor), operating vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person (class a misdemeanor), reckless driving, drive at unreasonable high or low speed (class c misdemeanor), driving while suspended (class a misdemeanor)

Attorney: Not available

Status of Case: 

  • April 24 (initial hearing): License suspended for 180 days. Condition of defendant’s continued release – Bauer not to consume alcohol or operate motor vehicle.
  • May 18 (hearing): reset
  • July 7 (hearing): reset
  • Sept. 18 (hearing):

DUI History: Not applicable

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