Shae N. Gammon


Age: 37

Arrested: March 23 at 11:28 p.m.

Address: 1013 N Fulton Ave, Evansville

Charge: Operating a vehicle with an ACE of .15 or more but where defendant has a prior conviction (level 6 felony), possession of marijuana (class b misdemeanor)

Attorney: Brian Smith, retained

Arresting agency:  Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office

Status of Case: 

  • March 27 (information filed): $250 cash bond posted. Condition of bond- defendant is to be placed on Alcohol Abuse Probation Services (AAPS). Defendant is also not allowed to drink or operate a motor vehicle.
  • March 29 (initial hearing): Including the enhancement to Count 1 – court enters a preliminary plea of not guilty. Defendant orally request time to hire counsel.
  • April 3 (motion): Request for discovery filed.
  • April 12 (hearing): reset
  • May 3 (hearing): Matter reset. Defendant is granted permission to travel for family vacation subject to defendant being on MEMS (portable unit) for duration.
  • June 12 (violation hearing): Defendant is advised of AAPS bond violation. Defendant admits of AAPS bond violation. Defendant ordered to serve two actual days in the Vanderburgh County Jail and then return to AAPS as condition of bond.
  • June 14 (hearing): canceled
  • June 28 (hearing): State still considering defendant’s counter-offer.Reset
  • July 18 (hearing): Parties have reached an agreement not yet reduced to writing.
  • July 27 (petition to revoke): Bench warrant issued.
  • Aug. 7 (hearing): Defendant admits bond violation. Defendant is to serve 4 actual days in Vanderburgh County Jail and return to AAPS with no further violations.
  • Aug. 17 (petition to revoke filed): Bench warrant issued.
  • Aug. 21 ( hearing):

DUI History:

March 2012: Public intoxication- pleas guilty -180 days at Vanderburgh County Jail suspended.

December 2011: OMVWI 15% & greater, OMVWI in manner that endangers a person- files guilty plea advisement. Defendant referred to DADS (drug and alcohol deferral services). Terminated from the DADS program. Court sentenced defendant 1 year in the Vanderburgh County Jail, suspended on the condition that she complete 1 year of probation. Counts I & 2 merged. Court orders zero tolerance as to the defendant. Charges defendant to enroll and complete an approved substance abuse program. Probation department discharges Gammon satisfactorily (March 2013).

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