Eric W. Clegg


Age: 23

Arrested: March 21 at 9:38 p.m.

Address: 1372 Pollack Ave, Evansville

Charge: Operating a vehicle with an ACE of .08 or more but where defendant has a prior conviction (level 6 felony)

Attorney: Dawnya Taylor, retained

Arresting agency: Indiana State Police

Status of Case:

  • March 23 (information filed): Court sets bond at $2,500 cash. Conditions of bond- defendant not to drink any alcoholic beverages or operate a motor vehicle.
  • March 27 (initial hearing): Court enters a preliminary plea of not guilty on behalf of defendant. He requests time to hire counsel.
  • March 29 (motion): request for discovery filed.
  • April 13 (hearing): reset
  • May 9 (hearing): Defendant requests trial date.
  • May 31 (hearing): rescheduled
  • June 7 (hearing): Defendant requests trial date. Jury trial set. All pretrial motions and proposed preliminary jury instructions to be filed prior to July 28. Court grants state’s standard discovery motion with compliance by defendant within 30 days from today.
  • June 20 (petition to revoke)
  • June 21 (hearing): Defendant is advised of the state’s petition to revoke bond. Defendant is held without bond
  • June 28 (hearing): Defendant in custody on another matter. Defendant requests court not to revoke bond. State objects and requests bond to be revoked. Court orders bond revoked. Defendant held without bond pending resolution of case.
  • August 9 (Jury trial): Defendant accepts the state’s offer not yet reduced to writing.
  • Aug. 15 (hearing): Sentenced to 1 year and 180 days at the Indiana Department of Corrections. Suspended 1 year and 120 days. First 2 months (60 days) to be executed. Defendant is entitled to 30 days credit. Drug and alcohol monitoring – balance of 16 months suspended to Alcohol Abuse Probation Services.

DUI History: 

December 2013: (WARRICK COUNTY) operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person, operating a vehicle with an ACE of .08 or more- pleads guilty to count I. Court sentences defendant to 1 year at the Warrick County Security Center, but will suspend to 1 year non-reporting probation.

January 2013: OMVWI in manner that endangers a person, OMVWI .08/under .15, illegal consumption of alcohol beverage. Pleaded guilty, referred to DADS (Drug and alcohol deferral services). Charges to be dismissed pending completion of DADS program. December 2013 – defendant having failed to comply with DADS, petition to revoke defendant’s participation in the program. Defendant violated terms of DADS program and terminated from program. Counts I & II merge. 1 year at Vanderburgh County Jail suspended to 1 year probation. Discharged from probation satisfactorily (July 2015).


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