Nikie S. Turner


Age: 46

Arrested: Feb. 18 at 6:59 a.m.

Charge: Operating a vehicle while intoxicated: prior conviction (level 6 felony)

Address: 10965 Main Street, Cynthiana, Indiana

Attorney: Brian Smith, retained

Arresting Agency: Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office

Status of Case:

  • Feb. 22 (Case opened as new filing): Notice of exclusion of confidential information, information filed (information redacted), information filed- prior conviction –OWI, information filed (not for public access). Court sets bond in the amount of $500 cash.
  • Feb. 23 (initial hearing): reset
  • March 9 (review hearing): rescheduled by request
  • March 10 (review hearing): Court orally grants defendant’s motion for discovery. All discovery is to be completed within 30 days.
  • March 29 (hearing): Hearing reset.
  • April 12 (hearing): Defendant orally requests a copy of any video evidence, particularly the intox video at the Vanderburgh County Jail. Court grants request.
  • May 10 (hearing): Video evidence was requested by State. Review hearing reset.
  • June 6 (hearing): Defendant received video evidence. Defendant requests trial date.
  • June 19 (hearing): On defendant’s motion, trial date set.
  • Sept. 25 (jury trial):

DUI History:

October 2013 (Gibson County): Operating while intoxicated (class a misdemeanor), OWI .08 or above and below .15 (class c misdemeanor), pleads guilty. Court sentences defendant 180 days in Gibson County Jail that time but for served is suspended to 330 days probation. The Defendant shall remain on good behavior, have no further felony or misdemeanors filed against her, she shall abide by all rules of probation … and she shall not drive when not permitted. Court orders the Defendant’s driving privileges suspended for 210 days. After 30 days, the Defendant will be entitled to restricted privileges with a functioning certified ignition interlock device to and from work and during the course of employment, and to and from the alcohol program. Court hereby refers the Defendant to the GSCAD Program. The Defendant shall complete the requirements of the GSCAD Program. Count II dismissed. September 2014 terminated from GSCAD satisfactorily.

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