Brian A. Code


Age: 47

Arrested: Feb. 11 at 10:17 p.m.

Charge: Operating vehicle with alcohol concentration equivalent to .15 or more (class a misdemeanor), domestic battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 years old (level 6 felony)

Address: 1824 Pueblo Pass, Evansville

Attorney: John Brinson, public defender 

Status of Case:

  • Feb. 16 (initial hearing): Court sets bond $10,000 surety, $1,000 cash. No contact with victim. Preliminary plea of not guilty entered. Condition of bond, defendant is placed on AAPS. Def. ordered to report to probation department immediately if bond is posted on week-end, defendant to report to probation department the following Monday morning.
  • March 2 (status of counsel hearing): N/A
  • March 14 (order issuing warrant for arrest): No bond warrant for Code. Affidavit for condition of bond violation filed.
  • March 20 (hearing): Defendant advised of 3/14 violation.
  • March 21 (Conditions of probation): Alcohol abuse probation service
  • April 13 (review hearing): Court advised Code to go see his probation officer immediately.Mater is reset to April 18.
  • April 18 (Change of plea hearing): rescheduled
  • April 25 (hearing): Defendant withdraws his plea of not guilty and enters a plea of guilty to domestic battery and operating a vehicle with an ACE of .15 or more.Court withholds judgment of conviction in domestic battery for a period of 18 months, and places defendant on the Alcohol Abuse Probation Services Program for said period. If defendant successfully completes probation, judgment will be entered as a Class A misdemeanor; if not, judgment will be entered as a Level 6 felony, and defendant will be sentenced accordingly. License is supsended for 90 days in drunk driving charge.

DUI History: N/A

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