Austin A. Davis

Age: 22

Arrested: Feb. 17 at 4:12 a.m.

Charge: Operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person (class a misdemeanor), operating vehicle with alcohol concentration equivalent to at least .08 but less than .15 (class c misdemeanor)

Address: 7811 Heim Road, Chandler, Indiana

Attorney: N/A

Status of Case:

  • Feb. 21 (initial hearing): Notice of exclusion of confidential information. License ordered suspended for 180 days. Defendant enters a plea of guilty. Defendant is ordered to DADS. Judgment of conviction and sentencing with Count I to be dismissed upon completion of the DADS program. DADS agreement is signed and filed with the court. Count II is dismissed. Case closed pending completion of DADS program. 
  • March 22 (review hearing): License suspended for 30 days with credit.
  • June 23 (hearing):

DUI History: N/A

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