Trevor J. Bates


Age: 29

Arrested: Feb. 2 at 5:37 p.m.

Charge: Operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person (class a misdemeanor); unlawful possession of syringe (level 6 felony); leaving the scene of an accident driver fails to immediately stop at the scene (class b misdemeanor)

Address: 411 Wedeking Avenue, Evansville

Attorney: Jon Humphress, public defender

Arresting agency: Evansville Police Department

Status of Case:

  • Feb. 8 (initial hearing): Court enters a preliminary plea of not guilty on behalf of defendant. Court continues bond in the amount of $5,000 cash or $50,000 surety. Condition of bond- defendant is not to operate any motor vehicle or to consume any alcoholic beverages.
  • Feb. 23 (status conference): N/A
  • March 8 (Review hearing): Defendant requests bond be reduced to $250 cash with condition of bond. Over state’s objection, court sets bond at $1,000 cash. Order for monitored conditional release. Defendant is placed on Alcohol Abuse Probation Services (AAPS) as condition of bond. Defendant ordered to report to probation department upon posting bond to be places on AAPS as condition of bond.
  • April 3 (hearing): Court orders a pre-sentence investigation report.
  • April 25 (hearing): reset
  • May 2 (hearing): Pretrial conference set and sentencing reset.
  • May 15 (hearing): Bates pleaded guilty on all three counts. Court rejects the plea agreement. Sentenced to 1 year and 180 days at the Indiana Department of Corrections with 102 day jail credit, 180 days suspended. All three counts run concurrently. Last year will be served at the Vanderburgh County Therapeutic Work Release.

DUI History:

August 2006: OMVWI .08 (C misdemeanor.), OMVWI in manner that endangers a person — referred to DADS, terminated because of new charges (6/11/2007), pleads guilty

June 2014: Driving while suspended (class a misdemeanor) (dismissed)

October 2011: driving while license suspended (class a misdemeanor), prior (2) operating a motor vehicle without fin resp (class c misdemeanor) 7/2015- GUILTY – public intoxication (class b) – endangers life of another def. 2/2015 public intoxication – endangers life of another def. 1/6 Guilty – driving while license suspended 2/2011- driving while license suspended 3/2009- driving while license suspended 12/2007- illegal possession of alcohol

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