Keagan P. Kumar


Age: 19

Arrested: Feb. 10 at 11:13 p.m.

Charge: Operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person (class a misdemeanor), operating vehicle with alcohol concentration equivalent to .15 or more (class a misdemeanor); illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage (class c misdemeanor)

Address: 5435 Miami Circle, Evansville

Attorney: Dawnya Taylor, retained

Status of Case:

  • Feb. 14 (initial hearing): Defendant’s license suspended 180 days based on the findings of probable cause. Court sets bond at $200 with the condition the defendant not consume alcohol and not operate a motor vehicle. Cash bond received by clerk ($185)
  • Feb. 23 (hearing): Defendant enters a plea of not guilty. Matter set for Pretrial conference
  • April 5 (Pretrial conference): Defendant fails to appear. Bench warrant issued. Court sets bond at $250 cash.
  • April 17 Warrant served- Defendant in custody but didn’t appear by video.
  • April 18:  Defendant is ordered release on the bond previously posted. Defendant is not to drive.
  • May 18 (hearing): Parties reach an agreement. Defendant enters plea of guilty in count I. Counts II & III to be dismissed. Court sentenced to 1 year at county jail, suspended for 1 year.

DUI History: N/A

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