Cory M. Trudeau


Age: 32

Arrested: Feb. 1 at 2:05 a.m.

Charge: Operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person (misdemeanor A), operating a vehicle while intoxicated (class c misdemeanor)

Address: 10816 Bernadette Drive, Evansville

Attorney: Jerome A. Ziemer, retained

Status of Case:

  • Feb. 1 (initial hearing): License suspended for a period of 1 year based on the allegations of refusal. Matter deferred for deft to employ counsel. Bond set at $100. Condition of bond deft ordered to not consume alcohol or not to operate a motor vehicle.
  • March 3 (hearing): Paper file destory date 5/8/17
  • April 4 (hearing): Defendant enters a guilty plea and is ordered to DADS (drug and alcohol deferral services). Cause to be dismissed upon sucessful completion of DADS. Count II dismissed. Case closed pending DADS completion.

DUI History: N/A

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