George A. Whitney

Age: 24

Arrested: Feb. 6 at 10:53 p.m.

Charge: Operating a vehicle with an ACE of .08 or more but where defendant has a prior (level 6 felony), intimidation the threat is to certain types of people (level 6 felony)

Address: 1205 Culver Drive, Evansville

Attorney: Christian Lenn, public defender 

Status of Case:

  • Feb. 10 (initial hearing): bond set at $500 cash or $5,000 surety. Def. not to drink and drive. Defendant appears in custody and by video. Court enters a preliminary plea of not guilty on behalf of defendant. Bond paid Feb. 10.
  • March 1 (review hearing): Pretrial conference scheduled
  • March 8 (Pretrial conference): rescheduled
  • March 15 (pretrial conference): rescheduled
  • March 22 (review hearing): reset
  • May 2 (hearing): 

DUI History:

November 2012: Count 1 OMVWI 15% or greater (class a misdemeanor), Count 2 OMVWI in manner that endangers a person (class a misdemeanor), Count 3 Ill cons of alcohol by minor-driver (class c misdemeanor) In April 2013, Whitney pleaded guilty. Court imposed sentence – Count 1&2 merged, $25 fine. Sentenced to one year Vanderburgh County Jail – suspended to 1 year probation, license suspended for 90 days. Whitney discharged from probation satisfactorily September 2014. Case closed.

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